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West-Boao Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.

Enterprising spirit , rich scientific research strength that we rely on and are " based on sincerity and innovate first-classly ", advanced detection system and intact quality system are supervised , the combination with the service of the remarkable properties of product and perfection, with the masses of customer's long-term mutual beneficial cooperation , establish good prestige in the fierce market competition, have already developed into the leading resistance strainometer, weighed the sensor , dynamometry sensor nowadays. Modern company of sensor pluralism of the pressure. Product its used in high-accuracy electron weigh home kitchen weigh the human body weighs extensively, the cliver calls and such electronic weighing apparatuses as the palm is called, industrial process automation is controlled etc..

We rely on the advanced technology and strong design production capacity , meet user's different uses' demands. The products that the company produces are on sale throughout Europe , Asia , South America and North America, have already developed into the sensor company of the largest low cost in China.

The west electricity wishes to connive development with you in order to perfect service and good prestige richly and proudly ;

The west electricity wishes to create brilliance with you with hearty and wide mind richly and proudly !

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